Book Endorsements

Endorsement One:

“Snow Cats” is a wonderful children’s novel. It’s a gripping story about the magical power of belief, dreams, and perseverance. R.S. Bovard’s beautiful prose and imagery, his world of awe-inspiring snowscapes, feral tricksters, mystical creatures and supernatural cats will stay with you long after you finish reading the book. Like all great children’s novels it’s simple yet profound, with a powerful, universal theme that’s sure to resonate with most readers aged 8-12 years old. I’d love to see an animated film made out of this book.”

Stéphanie Joalland is a writer/director with Frenzy Films currently living in Berlin. She previously worked in animated television (France) as a screenwriter and story editor. She is a graduate of the UCLA film school. Her feature film “The Quiet Hour” was released in 2015.


Endorsement Two:

Gilly and the Snowcats is a tale for readers of any age who dare to dream big and see the word “impossible” not as a barrier, but a call to action. Young readers will thrill to Gilly’s harrowing and inspiring adventure and the exquisite illustrations that help bring it to life, discovering along the way profound lessons in the interdependence of all creatures, the joy and inevitable pain of living fully, and the power of quietly savoring the pursuit and fulfillment of your dreams, even when others cannot or will not see.”

Marti Erickson, Ph.D.

Director Emerita, Irving B. Harris Training Programs in Early Childhood Mental Health, University of Minnesota

Owner & co-host, Mom Enough® (

Co-founder & former chair, Children & Nature Network

Endorsement Three:

“With soaring imagination and nuanced observation built upon Alaska’s world famous Iditarod race, R. S. Bovard has woven a modern, coming of age Alice mushing through a Northern Wonderland.”  

Jonathan Waterman is an award-winning author, photographer, and filmmaker whose books include:Surviving Denali, Where Mountains Are Nameless, High Alaska, Arctic Crossing, and Running Dry. He is a former Alaskan Park Ranger and mountaineer.

Endorsement Four:

“I love that there is a female heroine who is tough and gritty and perseveres though challenges, but can also accept help from friends. It was so fun to see the cats’ personalities and how loyal they were. Great read, fun story, and it’s a cool trip through Alaska. After competing in many ski races in Alaska and mountain running in training camps, I can say that your book certainly captured the wild and beautiful side of Alaska!”

Jessie Diggins is a member of the U.S. Women’s Nordic Ski Team and a 2014 Sochi Olympian. She teamed with Kikkan Randall to win the World Cup team sprint in 2013, in 2015 she won a silver medal in the 10k freestyle at the Falun World Championships, and in 2016 won the 5 km World Cup stage race in Toblach, Italy. She is a native of Afton, Minnesota.

Endorsement Five:

“An adventurous tale for all ages about a young girl with big dreams, meeting new, unique friends who help her on a cross country trek to a big finish, all the while confronting and battling evil and naysayers along the journey. Certainly it’s Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and lion on the way to Oz while facing the Wicked Witch of the West, flying monkeys and apple-tossing trees! No!!!…. this is the story of bigger-than-life Gilly, her nine nine-lived feline friends, racing great gender-age-natural odds on a trek to the finish line of the Iditarod, while facing wolverines, wolves, orcas, and Mean Zeke. Once I hopped on the cat wagon, I couldn’t get off. I read the story while flying over Canada, looked out my window and could swear I saw Gilly and her determined gang of small (yet BIG) kitties flying over the snow 35,000 feet below me. Sure to be a long-time favorite of adventurers, dreamers and fans of the underdog, er… undercat.”


John M. Hugo is the vice-president of Financials Products and Go To Market for Workday, a Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For, and a “self-proclaimed professional dreamer”.