About The Author

rsbovard-fishing-on-the-flathead-riverR.S. Bovard is a wandering & wayward son who earned a bachelors degree in literature from St. Olaf College and studied Shakespeare at Oxford.  He later trained as a medical doctor and has been a practicing physician for thirty years. He has served as an Everest expedition doctor, a missionary MD in Papua New Guinea, a ship’s doctor for a Woods Hole SEA research schooner, been a set physician on the films “Cliffhanger” and “The River Wild”, and a base physician at Palmer Station in Antarctica for eight months.  He is an executive producer on the film “The Quiet Hour” that is currently playing the international film festivals.  His screenplay “The White Shaman” (in collaboration with writer/director Sean McConville) finished in the top 13 out of 4,000 entries in the 2013 Scriptapalooza competition and is currently seeking a production company.  He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Marnie and two cats, Lola and Bo.